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Jan 13, 2013 7:00pm PST
, in 223 years, there has never been a justice like sonia sotomayor. among other things, she's the first hispanic on the court. she's the daughter of puerto rican immigrants who settled in the bronx, that new york melting pot that pours out streetwise kids and american success stories. sotomayor, now 58 years old, calls the streets of her childhood "my beloved world," and that's the name of her new memoir. in her first broadcast interview, she told us that the neighborhood gave a poor girl with a serious illness a chance to serve and an opportunity to become one of the most powerful women in america. this is where you grew up? >> sonia sotomayor: in a public housing project. i lived in this one on the corner. hold on. hola. ¿como estas? >> welcome to your old neighborhood. >> sotomayor: gracias. >> kroft: you could believe she never left. they remember and she's never forgotten. seems the only difference is the security detail, which she really never needed in the bronx. you know, your brother told us that, more than once in this neighborhood, he got beaten up. >> sotomayor: yep. and mo
Jan 19, 2013 7:00pm EST
with as little delay as possible is incredibly important justice sotomayor: how come it took so long for this state to figure out that it needed to do this without a warrant? justice sotomayor: the officer testified that he's been making drunk driving arrests for years -- mr. koester: yes, your honor. justice sotomayor: and i think in only one circumstance did he need to do it without a warrant. so what made the need here eminently the sense of impractical to get the warrant? mr. koester: well, your honor, back in 2003, there was a -- an appellate court case from missouri that dealt with the importance of the words -- justice sotomayor: no, i understand why he decided to do it, to forego getting a warrant. isn't his testimony dispositive of this case? he had time to get it. mr. koester: your honor, that ignores the fact that had he sought a warrant -- there's no question that he would have been able to secure a warrant. the issue was, it was going to take a considerable amount of time. justice sotomayor: but it took a considerable amount of time for all the years he did it. mr. koes
Jan 27, 2013 10:00pm EST
deep into her fascinating story. justice sotomayor will sign books and greet fans in the grand foyer. i cried when i read "my beloved world" and i also left. it is a good book. i believe it will be more than a best seller but because of a passive american success story required reading in his closing colleges i am amazed at the evils we have been getting from houston students filled with exclamation point saw. urine people connect with sonia sotomayor. in her book i was especially impressed of her and her brother as kids doing their homework with their mother who was also doing her's steading to becoming a registered nurse. two generations encouraging each other. to me, justice sotomayor success story should replace should replace the ratio alger myth from determination yes her story is an individual determination but also about community, a family in negotiating cultural boundaries to overcome poverty, a chronic disease, and security and self discovery and the joys of growing as an authentic person. deep success is in and america as it really is. sonia sotomayor the third woman in the
Jan 21, 2013 4:00am PST
of "america's g talent" and my conversation with sonia sotomayor is ahead. are you watching a special inauguration edition of "starting point" from our nation's capitol. we begin right now. >> good morning. welcome, everybody. president obama kicked off his second term as leader of the free world. being joined by "early start's" john berman. and our chief national correspondent john king and john berman. we have the turnout, not expected to match the 1.8 million spectators from 2009. about half as many people, in fact, the president's second time taking the oath in 24 hours. fourth time technically as president. you can see there, the president took the oath with his daughters and his wife watching. there is a requirement, of course, that he is sworn in on january 20th. that's why it's done officially, and then done for the public. the vice president joe dieden w -- biden sworn in by chief justice sotomayor. the first latina to ever swear in a vice president. what do we expect today? lots of celebration, pageantry and some historic firsts. dan lothian following the day's events. how d
Jan 26, 2013 8:00pm EST
-- puerto rico. [applause] puerto rico the roots of sonia sotomayor's family. and theorems ginger and chocolate gold foliage. and thank you c-span booktv. we here in houston texas at the wortham center welcome you and our friends across the -- for joining us. [applause] i am excited that mayor denise parker and cathy hubbard are with us tonight. [applause] denise parker is one of my heroes and one of my favorite people and a terrific mayor. please stand mayor parker and first lady cathy hubbard. [applause] you can see past presentations on our web site such as jane goodall, bill moyers and supreme court justice john paul stevens. just go to our web site at that is progressive forum we are pleased to give a book to every attendee tonight. just show your ticket at the distribution table in the grand foyer. additional books are also on sale in the grand foyer by blue willow bookshop. after justice sotomayor's presentation she will join me for a q&a. i should say that supreme court rules don't allow us to discuss court cases of the past, present or future b
Jan 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
noticiero univisión. preparan los litigantes antes de ir a la suprema corte >>estamos con sonia sotomayor, la cuarta mujer en ser parte de esta corte en donde han estado 114 hombres. los jueces casi nunca hablan con la prensa, por eso cuando lo hacen es noticias. en su libro usted habla que ser latina le ha traído problemas. usted demanda a una firma de abogados que sugieren que usted obtuvo el puesto por ser latina >>el ser latina es parte de mi piel, es tanto parte de mi, que no hay como separar las dos cosas, que ha tenido beneficio para mi, no hay una sonia que no sea latina >>dentro del mismo libro usted tiene un debate, da la impresion que dice que los programas son buenos, que le sirvieron a usted, luego que es jueza, por usted, que es latina. >>son las dos cosas, me abrieroin las puertas en princeton y yale. esa fue una ayuda tremenda, lo que yo hice, lo hice yo cuando entré' >>hay una niña pequeña, ana márquez que murió en connecticut junto a otros doce niños, esto ha generado debate en estados unidos, usted piensa que la segunda enmienda a la constitucion es que nos permi
Comedy Central
Jan 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
on the show, supreme court... thank you very much -- supreme court justice sonnia sotomayor ( cheers and applause ) unless i believe she's coming out here. unless this is another elaborate hoax by manti te'o nemesis ronaiah tuiasosopo or as the germans refer to him (speaking nonsense). some of you may be surprised to see a supreme court justice here, one, because she is a sitting supreme court justice and two because this afternoon she was in washington administering the public oath of office to vice president biden. doesn't it look like biden just wants to high-five her? that is probably the hardest part of swearing in biden is explaining to him that you don't actually get to swear. "hey, hey, don't worry, sweetheart, i'll hold the [bleep] constitution. i swear. come on. give me one." justice sotomayor has been very busy. yesterday at 8:15 a.m. she did the official non-pageantry version of that ceremony the vice president >> the reason why it was so early is that justice seasonnia sotomayor had to get on to a train to get to new york city to sign a new book. she said she was trying
Jan 20, 2013 5:00am PST
will be watching on. he will be sworn in by associate justice sonia sotomayor. this will be the first hispanic associate justice to swear in a vice president, the fourth woman to do so. and he will be placing his hand, the vice president will, on the biden family bible. you will see when it happens, it's a pretty big bible, five inches thick. this is the bible that has been in the family back to the late 1800s and this is the bible that the vice president has been sworn in before, during his senate terms and also his son, beau bind, was sworn in to be attorney general of delaware. this will be an interesting ceremony. another thing to point out, wolf, while the constitution explains the president is to taken a oath it doesn't say the same thing for a vice president. this san oath that is actually going to be longer than what the president will be taking later today and it's something that congress created by statute that actually is not in the constitution, wolf. >> and the vice president -- i just want to point out to our viewers, looking at live pictures of the residence over at the naval ob
Jan 20, 2013 8:00am EST
presidential residence where the supreme court justice, sonia sotomayor will swear in the vice president for a second term in this private ceremony t is the official ceremony. this is really what counts. tomorrow is the public ceremony. they want to share all the festivities on monday as opposed to sunday. this goes back to tradition. but today, according to the constitution, they must go ahead before noon eastern time with this swearing-in ceremony. and brianna, the vice presidential ceremony during this, the 8 a.m. eastern hour, the presidential ceremony, official ceremony, will take place during the 11 a.m. eastern hour at exact 14ri 1:55. they have to do it before noon, right? >> that's right. and that is mandated by the constitution that will take place here at the white house in the blue room. again, we will be covering that, wolf, but it's going to be a much smaller ceremony, obviously, than tomorrow, where we expect hundreds of thousands of people will be on the mall to watch president obama sworn in. >> stand by, brianna, you are going to be with me throughout this hour, our spe
Jan 11, 2013 5:30pm PST
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Jan 21, 2013 6:30pm EST
joe biden y la magistrada sotomayor le tomÓ juramento. y barack obama hablÓ por mÁs derechos, hablÓ por la igualdad salarial, la igualdad de derechos de los homosexuales y protecciÓn legal a los inmigrantes. y mientras mencionaba a los indocumentados muchos presionaron por una reforma. la ceremonia finalizÓ con la tradicional procesiÓn desde el capitolio hasta la casa blanca. >>> esta es una ediciÓn especial de "noticiero univisiÓn." con jorge ramos desde washington dc. ♪ ♪ >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> buenas noches, y quÉ dÍa, barack obama tomÓ posesion como presidente de estados unidos. frente a 700 mil personas se dieron cita aquÍ para la histÓrica ocasion, una concurrencia menor de la que esautouvo hace 4 aÑos. ocurriÓ este lunes 21 en el dÍa de martin luther king, un dÍa despuÉs de la ceremonia privada. y donde la polÍtica parece haberlo dividido casi todo. adelante lourdes. >>> el presidente obama iniciÓ su segundo periodo prestando juramento ante cientos de miles de personas y con la mano sobre dos biblias, apelÓ a la seguridad, justicia e igualdad. la
Jan 18, 2013 11:35pm PST
en la corte suprema donde entrevista a sonia sotomayor que se pronuncÓo sobre la discricriminaciÓn que sufren los hispanos. a continuaciÓn una parte del encuentro. >>> no hay como separar las dos cosas, ha decir que tuvo beneficios para mÍ, no hay una sonia si no es latina. >>> la jueza sotomayor dijo que no influye a la hora de ejercer su voto, agregÓ que en esos momentos piensa como jueza y tiene presente la constituciÓn de estados unidos. la entrevista completa estarÁ este domingo en "al punto". el lunes a las 11 de la maÑana costa a costa, en un programa especial en la toma de posesiÓn del presidente obama. en el programa especial al punto veremos como la jueza y jorge ramos se pusieron a bailar. jorge lo intentÓ. la jueza lo hace bien. bueno, la renuncia a la fundaciÓn lance armstrong fue el peor momento que viviÓ armstrong. en la segunda parte de su entrevista con oprah winfrey explicÓ lo difÍcil que fue para Él. >>> lance armstrong continuÓ pedaleando en su confesiÓn con oprah winfrey. al referirse a la prohibiciÓn de por vida dijo que para Él es una pena de
Jan 28, 2013 11:00am PST
in san francisco, u.s. supreme court justice sotomayor is getting ready to address a big crowd. she will be at van ness today to discuss her new best-selling memoir. the book recounts her life from a bronx housing project to the federal bench, sotomayor made history becoming the first hispanic and third woman appointed to the my court. premium seats for the event which include a copy of her book, starts at $70. >> great event. a great day, today, too, for it. >> probably as cold as it will be all week. this is. ryville -- this is from emeryville. this is ahead of a warming rind and we could see 70 in a few hours by the weekend. >> the extra charge you could see from now on, if you decide to pay with plastic. >> why television veteran barbara walters, is in the >> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> using your visa or mastercard could now be more expensive because scores can charge you more for using a credit card, town 4 percent more. merchandise have paid the fees but a court ruling says they can pass it on to you, the consumer. in californi
Jan 21, 2013 6:00pm EST
la jueza sonia sotomayor juramento publicamente al vice presidente joe biden (11;46:32) y luego fue el turno de barack obama. (11:50:38) el discurso presidencial se centro en metas de su segundo periodo, como reducir deficits y la desigualdad social y soluciones migratorias. presidente obama nuestro viaje no esta completo hasta que encontremos 1 mejor forma de darle la bienvenida a inmigrantes esforzados, con esperanza, que todavia ven a nuestro pais como tierra de oportunidades, hasta que jovenes estudiantes e ingenieros se integren a la fuerza laboral en vez de expulsarlos del pais." la presencia latina se noto con richard blanco, primer poeta hispano y gay en recitar 1 poesia en la ceremonia y en la bendicion del reverendo leon. rev. luis leon, iglesia de st. john's sr. presidente, y vicepresiden te, que dios os bendiga a todos sus dias.' muchos asistentes que llegaron de lejos desafiaron al frio y a las medidas de seguridad. miguel coronado, asistente a ceremonia una experiencia espectacular, venimos de california, el condado de los angeles, y estuvimos desde las 6 de la manana.
Jan 18, 2013 6:30pm EST
, sotomayor, habla con univisiÓn de la discriminaciÓn a los hispanos, y dice que lleva lo latino en la piel, tanto que acabÓ bailando con jorge ramos, ya lo verÁn, el fbi no le cree, al hombre que confesÓ en univisiÓn haber matado al agente fronterizo brian terry, la familia reacciona con cautela ante el testimonio, lance armstrong le da el Último golpe a su leenda, reconoce que se dopÓ sistematicamente, en los 7 tour de france que ganÓ. y willie colon enciende redes sociales con un Ácido comentario de hugo chÁvez. vamos con toda la informaciÓn. >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn" con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. >>> hola muy buenas noches, estamos transmitiendo el "noticiero univisiÓn" desde la corte suprema de justicia en washington estamos en el cuarto de abogado, durante se preparan litigantes antes de argumentar sus casos. estamos para entrevistar a sonia sotomayor, la primera latina en la corte suprema de justicia, sino la Única cuarta mujer en ser parte de la corte donde estuvieron 111 hombres, publicÓ su libro, "mi mundo adorado, "los jueces casi nunca hablaneo
Jan 27, 2013 10:00am EST
corte suprema sonia sotomayor me dijo que ella creia que habÍa restricciones a la constituciÓn en el uso de armas >>> es que ha sido claro, que tenemos que tener armas para evitar una tirania en estados unidos >>> sobre la propuesta del presidente barack obama que las personas tienen que ser revisadas en el caso de querer comprar un arma, quÉ tiene de malo que se investigue a las personas en caso de venderle un arma >>> sabemos que estos chequeos no han bajado la tasa de armas en el paÍs >>> a pesar que en estados unidos tenemos el promedio de armas mÁs altas del mundo hay mucha gente que despuÉs de la masacre en la escuela primaria sandy hook sale a comprar armas a quÉ lo atribue >>> es que hay mucha gente que entiende que no puede defenderse bien sin un arma esto despuÉs de la tragedia de connecticut, porque no quieren ver a sus hijos morir de tal manera, porque es evidente que el gobierno no siempre es capaz de proveer ese servicio a la sociedad, porque muchas veces la policÍa no puede estar presente. >>> seÑor larry pratt, cuÁntas armas tiene usted >>> no sÉ, muchas, tengo
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am EST
ceremonia de juramentacion. >>sonia sotomayor abrio su corazón a jorge ramos, no solo le contó como paso del barrio a la suprema corte, y como lo sacó a bailar. >>como es la vida real en la casa blanca para las hijas del presidente? hoy se lo contamos. >>y en deportes, veremos el resumen del cierre de la joranan mx. en la nfl baltimore y 49 irán al superbrowl. >>y hablando, le mostramos cómo ha evolucionado su estilo, hablamos de la primera dama. >>meche se fue de compras con barack obama, le ayudó a elegir la ropa que usará hoy, no te imaginas lo que paso. >>bienvenidos a despierta américa, su mejor manera de comenzar sus mañanas y su semana. arrancamos. ♪.. ♪.. ♪.. johnny para abajo, johnny para abajo. >>eh, eh ,eh >>abajo, abajo, abajo, johnny ♪.. ♪.. >>bienvenidos, un lunes histórico, mire nada más, qué mejor que celebrar. todos muy contentos y felices, empieza una nueva era y por supuesto aquí en despierta américa todo lo tenemos. le di vacaciones a mi querido raúl. toda la semana >>te doy las gracias, tacher por haberme dado tres dias. no más te pido que me
Jan 21, 2013 2:00am PST
of history on the steps of the capital. justice sonia sotomayor, the first latino to deliver an inaugural oath. we'll show you the warm moment she shared with joe biden. this was yesterday. we've got an exciting four hours for you. coming up, former secret service agent dan bongino, four years ago he was head of security for president obama's first inauguration parade. representative debbie wasserman schultz at 6:00 a.m., corey booker at 7:00 a.m. along with senator john barrasso and bernice king will join us as well. we also have joaquin castro and also nick cannon. he's performing today for the inauguration. good morning to you. welcome to a special edition of "early start." it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. i'm zoraida sambolin. live here in washington, d.c. for the inauguration of president barack obama. some folks also gathering here. i will be joined by soledad o'brien and john berman who are still making their way through what is a solid wall of security here. so we begin with president obama making history again. publicly taking the oath of office on martin luther king day to begin his
Jan 20, 2013 10:00am EST
of minutes left. >> i've read the sonia sotomayor. -- brought up sonia sotomayor. i scheduled a. people complained, saying i was moving too fast. as it was the same for roberts. it is the same for him but not for heard? r? >> what is your biggest concern, immigration or guns and that's what i do not think it is either -- guns? >> i do not think it is either/or. president bush was right in saying that we needed it. >> you are a veteran of the senate. what will the senate passed? senate john boehner says he will take your lead. >> god bless him. i do not know. i wish i knew. it would be so much easier if i did. i would hope to close the gun show loophole. i would hope we would have background checks the same for everybody and actuall. >> you have taking on a new role of being the new president pro tem. you have big shoes to fill. tell us about that role. also i was amused by a headline when they first anointed you. >> one of my kids said "you are what?" part of it is ceremonial. you do have in the back of your mind you are in line for the presidency. i tell president obama at three even m
Jan 20, 2013 11:50am EST
tomorrow will be just as good. i would have liked to see maybe a woman up there, sotomayor -- maybe the president could have that option. is that an option, does it have to be the leader of the supreme court? thank you very much. go president obama. >> it has been the tradition of the chief justice of the united states. this was the president just a few moments ago holding his hand on a family bible, michelle obama's family bible. chief justice john roberts administered the oath. keith is with us from new york. go ahead please. >> my question was more for the speech writers before. the difference between speaking and speech writing. i do not know who the guests there are now. >> this is more a chance to share your thoughts. do you have a memorable inaugural address that comes to mind? >> jfk's. that is the one that probably most people will remember. my question, i guess, was for the other guests that were previously there. >> thanks for the call. one of our viewers saying, i think incumbents should not have inaugural ceremonies. seven have had second inaugurations. when inauguratio
Jan 21, 2013 12:30am EST
president joe biden takes the oath of office from justice sonia sotomayor. then, the wreath laying ceremony. then, president obama officially sworn in for a second term by chief justice john roberts. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states, accompanied by justice sonia sotomayor. [applause] >> the vice president has asked that we bless the occasion with prayer. so, let us pray. the profit micah reclaims did you have been told, mortal, what is good, and what the board requires a view, only to do justice and love goodness, walking calmly with your god. gracious god, we ask your blessing on your servant, joseph, as he renews the pledge he made to his country. in all the complexities that, this world, give us your wisdom so that he can know what is good and give him the courage to always do what is right. walk close by him so that he can do justice and labored tirelessly for a more just and gentle world. empower him to be a voice for those without a voice. for those on the margins, so easy -- easily overlook, you will judge us all for how we care for those among us. con
Jan 21, 2013 6:30pm PST
sotomayor, el poeta blanco hablÓ de la experiencia de ser hijo de inmigrantes cubanos. manos tan cortadas como las de mi padre para que mis hermanos tuviÉramos libros y zapatos. y el presidente obama comenzÓ el dÍa con un servicio religioso. fue un honor participar dijo el pastor que dio el servicio religioso. >>> es un honor, siento que soy un honor para el pueblo hispano. >>> apreciÓ la inclusion del tema migratorio. >>> habÍa que estar aqui para sentir que hay esperanza. >>> este dÍa es mÁs importante que hace 4 aÑos. porque estamos muy cerca a ganar el camino a la ciudadanÍa para los latinos en este paÍs. la ceremonia fue con mÚsica y estrellas como boyence, despuÉs el presidente participÓ en un evento donde inclusoon opositores le hicieron regalos. en su referencia mÁs directa al partidismo que seguirÁ enfrentando, el presidente obama dijo que no se puede confundir el absolutismo con los principios. >>> quÉ dÍa no? >>> sÍ, emocionante. >>> y menos frÍo que el aÑo pasado. >>> mÁs tranquilo, en que la ciudad no estaba tan paralizada por la cantidad de gente. >>> m
Jan 22, 2013 5:00am PST
segundo. y cerca del final cortÉz la prende, y los felinos descuentan pero sonia sotomayor toma juramento a joe biden.obama aboga por los inmigrantes.37 rehenes extranjeros murieron en argelia.que tal, les habla enrique magistrada hispana sonia sotomayor le tomo el juramento al vicepresidente joe biden, minutos antes de que barack obama jurara para su segundo mandato presidencial.en su discurso de toma de posesion, obama abogo por la igualdad salarial para las mujeres, la igualdad de derechos para los homosexuales y una proteccion legal a los migrantes.y el gobierno de argelia confirmo que 37 extranjeros de ocho nacionalidades murieron en el ataque y la toma de rehenes por un grupo de extremistas islamicos en una planta de gas. mas en despierta america ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> mÁs de 20 aÑos despuÉs que la erupciÓn de un volcÁn borrara del mapa a un pueblo de colombia, ahora piden que ayuden a encontrar a sus seres queridos y abran los archivos. >>> pasada las 8 de la noche del 13 de noviembre del 85 estallo el infierno, en volcÁn hizo erupciÓn y sepulto el puelo de armero, comla
Jan 28, 2013 4:30am PST
will be picked up in ten minutes. >> new this morning, u.s. supreme court justice sotomayor will be in san francisco today making a stop at the theater on van necessary at -- at van ness to discuss her new book. sotomayor made history in 2009 when slow became the nation's first hispanic and third woman appointed to the highest court if the land. premium seats for the event including a copy of the book starting at $70. >> president obama's publicly praising secretary of state, hillary clinton as one of his closest advisors leading some to think it is an endorsement for 2016. in a joint interview the president salt down with clinton on "60 minutes "speaking how their relationship has evolved over the last four years but both brushed off questions about her political future. >> you guys and the press are incorrigible, i was inaugurated, literally, four days ago. and you are talking about elections four years from now. >> i don't think either he or i can make predictions about what will happen tomorrow or the next year. >> the president says he proposed a joint interview with his outgoing secr
Jan 21, 2013 6:30pm PST
sotomayor presidio el juramento de joe biden que pidiÓ que fuera ella. >>> en el poema que recetÓ richard blanco se refugio a los sacrificios que hicieron sus padres para que Él tuviera una mejor vida. luis leÓn el reverendo estuvo a cargo de bendecir. >>> que dios bendiga sus dÍas todos. >>> hoy los estadounidenses pusieron a un lado de sus diferencias polÍticas para celebrar la larga tradiciÓn de su democrÁtica en estados unidos. de hecho pensamos que el presidente barak obama entendÍan de que por lo menos su legado, su historia queda segmentado en estados unidos y por Última vez lo vimos cuando entrÓ como que no querÍa irse, estaba mirando la multitud que habÍa llegado para recibirlo e iniciar un segundo mandato, algo que muchas personas pensaron que seria imposible. >>> muchas gracias lori. >>> muchass gracias, vamos a pasar con angye sandoval, estÁ frente al lugar donde el presidente obama vio el gran desfile presidencial el dÍa de hoy. >>> adelante, buenas tardes. >>> muchas gracias, el desfile terminÓ con broche de oro y el presidente obama estuvo la mayor parte de pi
Jan 21, 2013 6:30pm EST
de guerra la presencia lina se hizo sentir como nunca antes, la primera magistdo sonia sotomayor presidiÓ el juramente de joe biden que pidiÓ que fuera ella. >> en el poema que recetÓ hijo de inmigrantes cubanos se rifo rÍo a los sacrifics que hicieron sus padres. >> la bendiciÓn estuvo a cargo del reverendo luis leÓn. >> seÑor presidente y vice presidente que dios los bendig >> pusien sus diferencias polÍticas para celo blar la larga trayectoria de la democracia. >> escuchar un espaÑol en la parte presidencial. >> sun momento para la historia. >> mÁalla del acontecimiento polÍtico que representa la girameaciÓn, se celebra un gran hÉroe de. >> martin luther king en dondel >>na de las 50 bandas que desfilaron hÍa uno de unos chicos de orlan que tocaron muy bien. >> angie sandoval ha seguido de cerca la cobertura especial. adante gie. >> muchas gracias, muy buenas noches el desfile acaba de terminar con broche de oro el presidente y vice presidente que estuvieron paradas durante toda la tardehÍ dentro de ese palco estÁn todavÍahi, se estÁn retirando solamente en u
Jan 20, 2013 11:35pm EST
ground when it should exist. >> joe biden kicked off his second term, sworn in by sonya sotomayor. the president and vice president visited arlington national ceremony and they attended services at one of the most historic black churches. >> 800,000 people are expected to be here to hear his goals for his second term. >> that address will take place in 12 hours from now. what tone will the president take? rita epstein was asked earlier. >> we expect him to talk -- reed epstien was asked earler. >> we expect him to talk about what he said earlier. bits and pieces, they fight for field position but inaguration speeches speak to people generations later who will hear them -- this is what obama is about. it will be a big speech about process moving forward. those themes moving forward about how the arc of history bends toward progress. >> during his original speech from 2009, many of the quotes we know aren't from his inaguration speech and his acceptance speech at the convention. do we expect some big lines to take on a bigger theme? >> the bigger theme is of the campaign -- forward
Jan 14, 2013 4:00am PST
. in a rare interview, the supreme court's sonia sotomayor opens up about her early struggles and a personal health issue. your opens up about her personal strugs and a previous health issue. chili's lunch combos starting at just 6 bucks. try our new southwestern mac and cheese with grilled chicken served with soup or salad. chili's lunch combos. starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. expect it again tonight. how long this big chill will stick around. plus: a violent weekend in oakland. nearly a dozen people are gunned down in two days. the drastic measures being considered by the city today. and the lockout's lifted... but is there any love lost? how sharks fans are responding as the team hits the ice. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's monday >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in washington, light rain, 59 degrees. showers in atlanta, 60. partly sunny in st. louis, 27. partly cloudy in denver 21 and partly sunny in seattle, 39 degrees. >>> it's rare to interview a sitting supreme co
Jan 20, 2013 9:00am EST
sunday, january 20th, 2013. >> the supreme justice, sotomayor, administered the oath. >>> right now, president obama and vice president biden are on their way to the national cemetery. this comes after the vice president was sworn in, and you can see the president and vice president have arrived to the ceremony. a number of dignitaries will head to the church and white house as well. chris is near the church with more of today's events. >> reporter: police have cordoned off m street in front of the pmetropolitan church, an that's where the president and first family will be worshipping this morning before the ceremonial swearing in. we have people lining the room, and members are inside and people who have come as visitors are inside, and people here lining the route here to see the president coming by. you are from houston, texas. >> yes. >> reporter: why are you here? >> we want to see the president, the first black president of america. >> reporter: you were brought together here from a school? >> yes, audio international school. >> reporter: what other events will you try to do
Jan 20, 2013 10:00am PST
sonia sotomayor earlier this morning. she now joins an elite group, joining fellow justices sandra day o'connor, here with dan quayle in 1989 and ruth bader ginsburg with al gore in 1997, and u.s. district judge sarah hughes who was summoned to duty aboard air force one with lyndon johnson following a national tragedy, for the fourth time in our nation's history a woman has sworn in either the president or the vice president of the united states. i had a chance to sit down with justice sotomayor this week to talk about her historic moment. >> i was thinking just a couple of days ago if i think back of when i was a kid, which of the two events would have seemed more improbable to me. i realized each one was so far fetched that i couldn't have imagined either. >> supreme court, swearing in the vice president? >> supreme court or swearing in the vice president in front of the nation and the world. >> does it make you anxious? >> anxiety is not the word. >> and you talked to her, soledad, about how she's perceived on the bench. >> yeah. and she's considered to be very tough and she doesn't r
Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm PST
comes to speak to hundreds, supreme court sonia sotomayor. what she had to say and the emotional response she got here coming up. >>> and it was a lesson this teen won't forget anytime soon. the decision that sent this suv flying off the santa cruz wharf. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures dropping into the 40s in the north bay. napa at 49 degrees. we'll talk about the wind and some problems it's creating now and also when a few rare january 70s return in just a few minutes. >>> quite a catch. it wasn't a fish, but something much bigger being pulled out of the water in santa cruz. today, it happened today, it was a father/son driving lesson that went horribly wrong. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us from santa cruz to explain how the family car ended up in the ocean. kris? >> reporter: hi there, raj. we caught up with the father and the son here at the wharf today. dad says they're not ready to talk but seeing that boy's face was heartbreaking. he looked completely unsettled. this is how much of the railing he took out as he
Jan 28, 2013 10:00pm PST
her books, and sonia sotomayor is signing every one of them. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. >>> a judge today ordered the oikos university suspect transferred. juan go has been ruled incompetent to stand trial, and the judge has suspended legal proceedings. he will be taken from santa rita jail in dublin, to napa. he is accused of killing seven people in april of last year. >>> convicted serial killer, wesley shermantine is telling investigators they're looking for his victims in the long place. the fbi is excavating and abandoned well. agents started digging there on information they got from shermanteen. he is one of the so-called speed freak killers. he led investigators to the remains of four women last year. this time, he says
Jan 21, 2013 1:00pm PST
inmigrantes, fue una ceremonia con una fuerte presencia hispana, la jueza de la corte suprema sonia sotomayor tomó al juramentación del vicepresidente joe biden, y también richard blanco fue honrado con hacer un poema especial para la juramentación, además el reverendo luis león, cubano americano, que también hizo la bendición final después de la ceremonia. >>> gracias; lourdes meluzá también cabe mencionar que este lunes de juramentación el desfile que muchas familias esperan con gran júbilo y la oportunidad de presenciarlo en vivo, se forma el streamer vivo >>> donde el mandatario y su esposa tienen al oportunidad de ver a las bandas que son parte del desfile tradicional, muchos soldados, muchos hispanos, pudimos hablar con salvador araa, que fue seleccionado para representar a su unidad, incluso desde niño quería ser parte de las fuerzas armadas, y después del desfile continúa esta noche las galas, donde este año solamente hay dos galas oficiales, contrario al 2009, cuando hicieron acto de presencia en 10 festejos, eso sí, el puesto de mayor número de galas lo tienen bi
Jan 20, 2013 8:00am PST
it happens and the supreme court chief justice sonia sotomayor talks about giving the vice president his oath and being nervous about it. first, though, an inaugural flashback. >> despite subfreezing temperatures, hundreds of thousands watch the ceremonies in front of the capital. >> it's one of the dangers of having these inaugurations in january. i mean, it's so sad that we remember william henry the fact that he gave the longest inaugural and had the shortest presidency because he insisted on not wearing a coat, it was freezing out, he developed pneumonia and he died. i think it's a good thing that they learned from harrison's inaugural that when it was freezing weather during ronald reagan's second inaugural, they finally moved it inside and canceled the parade. i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, there's no reward without it. i want to be prepared for the long haul. i see a world bursting with opportunities. india, china, brazil, ishares, small-caps, large-caps, ishares. industrials
Jan 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
n más estables . >>> a jueza de la corte suprema de justicia , sonia sotomayor hará historia al ser la primera hispana en tomar juramento a un vice presidente , de estados unidos , es la primera hispana en la corte suprema de justicia un paquete de ayuda a los damnificados , de 51 mil millones de dolares para el 15 de enero . >>> todo en washington . >>> el congreso finalmente aprobó hoy parte de la ayuda de emergencia más de 2 meses después , bajo intensa presión en new york nueva jersey , y cunnecticut , de 60 mil millones de dolares que se pidieron se aprobaron 9 millones , de dolares , este congresista de new york , dice que es un logro agridulce las luchas internas en los republicanos , estamos en està situación , tenemos que esperar al 15 de enero , si se puede lograr miles sin vivienda ni transporte . >>> la historia de dar fondos para huracanes , siempre se ha dado la cantidad completa cuando luisiana , necesitaba dinero votamos por ella texas también , esto ha provocado , resentimiento , chris de nueva jersey dijo sobre el congreso que su actitud era vergonzoza que can
Jan 14, 2013 11:00am PST
as sotomayor made history becoming the sport's first hispanic justice, she's written a new memoir released in english and spanish. she talks about the path taking her to the nation's highest court and criticized for split along ideological lines. this morning, sotomayor defended the court's integrity. >> do you think that is bad for the credibility of the court as an institution if people have the perception it's splitting along partisan or ideological lines? >> yes. if i believe that that was the reason for the split which i don't. the fact that there's a circuit split makes it clear that there are different ways of looking at the situation and that the answer's not a slam dunk. >> nbc latino sandra lily sat down with the justice. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> another topic that justice sotomayor went after, affirmative action. the court will hear a case soon. you have her opinion of affirmative action, the viewpoint and clarence thomas. she called herself an affirmative action baby. >> absolutely, tamron. justice sotomayor pul pulls no punches defending affirmative action and g
Jan 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
entrevista con sonia sotomayor, la prikmerme i hispana en el congreso. >>ella nos cuenta como hace para que tanto poder no se le vaya a la cabeza >>el congreso pasa las leyes, e pero los jueces las interpretan, nuevo mÉxic muchas veces estas no son cla s claras. >>que esxperiencia juega sustedl momento de interpretar la ley. >>el congreso tiene el intento, ellos etstan tratando de arreglr un problema en la sociedad, si u uno ha tendo laido la experienc ese problema, se la puede exp c explicar a los otros, de manera que ellos lo upepuedan entend j mejor. es en eso que cada juez puede ayudar a otros jueces, c s cosas que acaso ellos no puedan entender. >>los jueces son hjmanumanos. >>exacto. >>usted ha dicho que toma las e decisiones basada en la pureza d de la ley. pero definitivamente hay abog abogados buenos, y malos, y hay abogados malos que etitienen u u buen punto, uste d como jueza m como decide esto. >>hay abogados que hacen cosas horribles, pero la ley esta en s su favor. hay casos en que a uno no le gusta a la gente, hay n negocios, personas que han hecho cosas que uno mira y
Jan 4, 2013 6:30pm EST
>>sonia sotomayor hará historia el 20 de enero,cuando sea la primera hispana que tome juramento a vicepresidente joe biden. >>y como se había anunciado, se votó en el congreso un paquete de ayuda para los daminificados de sandy. >>otra votacion de 51 mil millones esta'previsto para el 15 de enero >>el congreso finalmente aprobo parte de la ayuda de emergencia por los daños dejado porsandy, tras intensas presión de los líderes dse nueva york, new jersey y connecticut >>9 mil 700 millones fueron aprobados >>este congresista de nueva york, dice que es un triunfo agridulce >>esto pudo haberse hecho hace dias atrás, ahora tenemos que esperar hasta el 15 de enero para ver si se logra la otra cantidad. >>dar fondos para huracanes, y emergencias, nunca se ha dado parte, siempre se ha dado la cantidad compleeta >>se trata de una emergencia, recalca. >>cuando lousiana necesitó dinero, votamos por ella, cuando texas necesitó dinero, votamos por ella >>esto ha provocado amarga decepcion de estos legisladores, dijeron que la actitud era vergonzosa. >>el presidente de la cámara cance
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